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Types of barriers and equipment used

We Don't Shoot Birds- It's a Misdemeanor crime to discharge a firearm in (or near) the City Limits.


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For the Birds: We utilize a HIGH QUALITY "sturdy" galvanized hard wire metal mesh.

 This material resist rust and flex and is perfect for deterring birds from being able to construct their nest. If you have anything else, it should be removed and replaced. Birds can often get trapped in flimsy plastic wire, window screen, or chicken wire and suffer a painful death. The dead bird is now an insect magnet / maggots, lice, mites, and other micro organisms are now being attracted to your home.  Or, they can bypass the effectiveness of the material and nest behind which is common.

The wire we use is also affixed by screws and not staples or guide wires as you might have seen our competitors use because it's cheaper. Screws are more expensive but extend the performance of the barriers and we sponge up the cost. Additionally, "invisa-barriers" are painted in areas where they may be viewed from the street and backyard to further camouflage their existence.

This is QUALITY work that is built for the job, and to last.

In some instances, aluminum louvered attic vent screens are applied over the stock manufactured holes up high in the eaves. These holes have a flimsy window-screen type material that the birds not only peck through but use the screen material for nesting purposes inside the attic adding insult to injury.

The attic vent covers SpeedPro installs are durable with a fine screen mesh behind to prevent bees from entering and birds from pecking through. These can be painted, or come in various pre painted colors and add a fresh, finished appearance.

BEFORE                                                          AFTER

Bird Spikes are seldom used but are sometimes necessary in certain areas. 
We never apply Spikes to Chimneys !  Made from a durable heavy clear plastic material (non piercing) and are affixed with screws and/or a very strong adhesive. These are used in places that are not so visible or where hard wire cannot be applied. Improper spike applications can result in birds nesting inside them. Yes- inside them!

Below is only one of the many times we have removed spikes with bird nests interlaced in them.  The owner of this house (and of the many others) said it was a reputable pest control company that applied them. These types of Pest Control applications are only done for ease and speed of getting the job done, just not done right. SpeedPro experts will tell you this is not the preferred method and the best way is to use our exclusive "invisa-barrier".

BEFORE with SPIKES                AFTER with "Invisa-Barrier" hard wire

Only SpeedPro Barriers offers the "Invisa-Barrier" that was designed by us.  It takes longer to apply, but the results are an effective, hardly noticeable barrier that will last. Our competitors will not use this type of method because they don't know about it and if they did, they would not consider it because of the time and effort it takes to do the job.  You could say, they want the "quick bucks" and not take into consideration the customer or their long term needs.

For Commercial Buildings: And used on residential, a bird repellant (caulking type) tacky gel to discourage birds from roosting on building tops and peaks.  This can only be acquired thought licensed professionals such as SpeedPro Barriers.

Depending on the location, we may use a bird sonic device that emits a high pitch frequency that irritates the birds or makes it unnerving for bats to fly near.

Additionally, "Electra-Trac" devices can be used that emit a weak electrical signal from a wire to discourages the birds from resting where the tracks are applied (typically on the outside edges of the roof where birds rest).

Spiders are most frequently used and economical!


Bats and Swallows are mainly seasonal birds and work can only be performed when they are not active in reproducing or nesting sites established per state law. Once a nest is established and/or carry young birds (pups) - no service will be completed. Once the birds take flight - repelling devices are added to their existing nesting spots. This could include bird spikes, plexy-glass, hard wire mesh. 

For Bats, one-way flap or tube devices are designed so that the bats may leave but not re-enter.

All of our prevention measures are custom built to fit your home. No two houses are alike and no two corners on the same house seem to be alike either. Therefore, a technician will dedicate what ever time is necessary to get the job done right- the first time without adding additional charges to you.  Each job is charged by the job, and not by the hour, to assure perfection in each appliance assembled and designed.

Bees: This includes Wasp- Yellow Jackets - Honey Bees - Hornets - Ground Hornets -Mud Daubers (the list goes on)! These nest (Hives) are manually removed by experts with full bee protective gear. If possible we try to keep the bees alive but remove their nest so they can continue assisting nature (plants and vegetables). 

If their presence is threatening to the customer (example - allergic to bee stings, have small children, or in a high traffic area...) then once the bees are removed, a repellant spray is added that helps to resist the bees from wanting to rebuild.

Our technicians are also seasoned rock repellers and are agile while on your roof using ladders and safety harnesses when necessary. Safety is our priority and every precaution is made to provide a safe working environment for everyone (your family included).

Most of our work is done on Tile roof lines (scalloped and level) and we are experienced in walking on these types of roofs without damaging them.  Additionally, we will check your roofs condition and gutters and report to you any areas of concern. 

You can't get better service anywhere! 

Power Washing

Reliable 2500 PSI & 2650 PSI pressure washer - washes and cleans dirt and debris from just about any surface without damaging it. Some of our applications included: Aluminum Home Siding, Vinyl Siding, Wood and Stucco Sidings. Sidewalks (black mold, moss, algae removal), Garage Doors, Under Roof Eaves, Bricks, Rock Walls, & Wood Decks. Flagstone and River Rock walkways and retaining walls. Removes unsightly Spider Webs, brightens Fences, Walkways, Painted Crosswalks ECT. You name it, we've probably cleaned it.

Restores and brightens appearances, increases investments. See web album.